Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Global Writers Club and plans...

I'm changing Global Writers Club to be something completely different. Currently, we are working on Generators that can be used to help people with their writing when they become stuck. This will take a full year or more. I'll get it up hopefully by mid 2019.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is my current project?

Besides the word games navigation, I'm also working on getting the other pages up for the 8 languages, so I can start working on the translation of them.

Japanese will have GISTED goofy translations until I learn the language or find someone willing to volunteer to translate. Most languages will be gisted until I prove the right word.

Top 10 Links: I hope to find appropriate top 10 links in YOUR language. However, I've found this very difficult to do as those sites don't always exist. Where I can not find 10 excellent links, I will post the #1 ENGLISH for you, and will indicate that its in English. If you see an English only link, you can rest assured that I've not found links in your language yet. My goal is to have this done by June 1st in 8 languages. Japanese won't happen until I figure out how to STOP getting the annoying #1 Japanese social networking site. Every link I've clicked on gets me to the same type of site.

Yes, I AM using google search IN the Native language of the target language I'm trying to find the links in. It would be silly not to. However, I am actively considering using a different search engine for the Japanese language.

What Time Zone?!?!

Most things will be done by whatever time YOUR time. Huh? How? I was always humoured by people not having to do the Time zone math trying to convert from my time to their time because I was able to figure out when it might be done according to the first person who gets to the day I meant. This really isn't that difficult. Just add 1 day to the day you hope to have it done by, and Thailand and Japan is covered. This also has the added advantage that some things are finished ahead of schedule.

Anything that has fan connected to what I'm working on, I will try to give an actual time, and not just day. Usually, this time is 6pm Your time, and often means I stayed up until 1 AM working out the issues.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Global Writers Club Official Off-site Blog

This is the OFFICIAL OFF-SITE Blog of Global Writers Club.

Global Writers Club was started out of a need I had. It was amazing that in this global society with a global internet how difficult it was to find a global place for Foreign Language learning using games, and yet be able to post in any language one needed to in order to better communicate with someone. Furthermore, I found too many places that had restrictions as to what type of writing was allowed in order to "win" a certificate of reaching goals, which was usually their goal they dictated. I wanted a warm, welcoming place that if you breathe and have an idea or goal or what have you, that you wanted people to hold you accountable for, you would be validated and welcomed. I am trying to keep the place family friendly.

What's unique about this site?
The Games in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish for both Native Speakers and Foreign Language learners.

Anyone in the 9 target languages will be able to play any of the games in order to learn any of the 9 target languages they choose. This means that while the German learn Japanese, you can be learning French.

Why is "enter word here" not found in the Language learning games? I have not proven the correct meaning of the word in all 9 languages. Eventually, I hope to have those words in games too.

The Games:
Word Finds
Crossword Puzzles
Evaporating Book (my version of Hangman)
Scrambled Words
Fill In The Words
Intelligent Cube Chaos (an original game)
Ab-Libs using famous quotes in your native language
and much more!

What else is unique?
The Forum

Have a goal of any kind whatsoever, as long as its Family friendly, we'll support you in it and give you a certificate download when you accomplished your goal!

You can post your goal in ANY LANGUAGE, and, if I can figure out what language it is, I'll do a rough translation into English for you.

You can post in ANY LANGUAGE and not be banned. I won't guarantee someone else who speaks your language, but I'll at least try to learn it.

What's coming in the future?
eFiction "Blogs" where you can post your stories in any language you want to.

I'll have the "Top 10" list of links in various categories specific to writing in particular genres, and other types of resources. I won't be a search engine!

Will the site have Ads? Yes, eventually, but absolutely NO pop-ups, pop-unders, or persistent ads. One gaming site had a persistent ad that never closed. You could never do anything at that site. I never went back. Their loss.

Is this a Social Networking Site? Yes, it is, in the sense that you can start your eFiction Blog and post your stories, or whatever you want, and talk about almost anything in the Forum. However, these capabilities won't be up until July 2011, if all goes well.